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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Parkers Creek - 5/26/13

     Parkers Creek is a tidal creek flowing into Metompkin Bay on the Atlantic side of Virginia's Eastern Shore. To be honest, there are probably prettier creeks, but this one is special to me and my family, so it is one of my favorites, and I had been looking forward to paddling it for some time. Most of the headwaters of Parkers Creek flow from farms and forests, but Perdue Farms operates a large poultry processing facility nearby, and in earlier years its discharges (regulated and otherwise) taxed the creek beyond what it could handle. Today the water quality is probably better than it has been in a long time, but it is far from pristine. That said, don't let this prevent you from exploring Parkers Creek. It has fairly easy access to Metompkin Bay, Metompkin Island and the Atlantic, but on the day I paddled the wind was quite strong, so I explored the upper reaches of one branch of the creek. My put in point was from private property, but there is a public boat ramp on Fox Grove Rd. which is part of the Virginia's Seaside Water Trail. The lush growth, the numerous birds, the turtles and other wildlife I saw belied the fact the water was ever compromised.
Mount Custis is the oldest house on Parkers Creek, and is one of the Shore's loveliest houses.

Only in the last few years has the water quality improved enough to harvest crabs from the creek.

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