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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

James River - Queens Creek - 7/5/15

     After not being able to get on the water for several weeks, I wanted to go somewhere that I knew I would enjoy. So I chose Wilcox Landing on the James River where I had such a splendid paddle in 2014. You can read more particulars about this spot in last year's trip report. This time I headed left (east) from Wilcox Landing (Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Park), following the shoreline towards Queen's Creek. There are quite a few homes clustered downriver from the landing, but once passed these, the shoreline appears undeveloped and very natural. All along the James here are large logs and downed trees from previous floods, and many pebble beaches. There are also the occasional large boulder to make you ponder the forces that brought them here. Once I reached Queen's Creek, I crossed to the far shore to avoid fighting the wind and headed north. The water was alive with fish, there were plenty of osprey and bald eagle in the air. I also saw great blue herons, kingfishers, goldfinches, and was serenaded by red winged blackbirds when I reached the upper marshes. The creek narrows as it nears Charles City Courthouse, and it was at this point that I turned around. There is another smaller creek near the mouth of Queens Creek on its western shore. I had wanted to explore that as well, but my energy was flagging, and I opted to haul up onto one of the beaches for a little two-legged exploration, giving my arms a break. As I paddled it, the trip was just under 6 miles.

Transmission towers mar the view near the landing.

Wilcox Landing During the Civil War

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