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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Guard Shore to Old Tree Island and Saxis WMA - 5/14/16

     This was my fourth trip out of Guard Shore, but it was my first not heading to Jobe's Island (which you can read about here). From the beach I headed generally northwest across Muddy Creek, which was actually crystal clear, towards Old Tree Island. The water was covered in crab pot buoys, and I spent several minutes watching a waterman pull his pots. Other then him, and two other crabbers, I had the calm water to myself. There is a small sandy beach directly across the creek from Guard Shore, and this was my first stop to adjust some aggravating footwear. Back in the water, I soon entered a small creek (unnamed that I know of) that shoots straight into the island. Here I watched gulls harrass a bald eagle as it was trying to ride a thermal. There were several less dramatic bird sightings that included various gulls, herons, egrets, boat-tailed grackles, and a pair of American oystercathers. Back out towards the bay I stopped to explore a sandy cove that was littered with crab pot buoys. Passing Great Gut I explored another sandy cove that is part of the Saxis Wildlife Management Area, although I now know I should have had some sort of pass to do so. From here I headed back to Guard Shore, and all told this trip was just over 4 miles as I paddled it.

Muddy Creek

Crabber on Muddy Creek

Crabber on Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek

Crabber on Muddy Creek

Crabber on Muddy Creek

Creek Entrance at Old Tree Island

Creek on Old Tree Island

Lost Crab Pot, Old Tree Island

Lost Buoy, Old Tree Island

Great Gut

Old Tree Island

Barnacles, Old Tree Island

A Sandy Cove at Saxis Marsh

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