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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chickahominy River - 9/21/14

     This was my fourth trip on the Chickahominy (or one of its tributaries), and my second time using the Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area to launch from. There is a fee to use this WMA, which is supposed to be paid in advance, and there is no way to pay once you get there, but I have never seen a WMA employee there at all, let alone one checking for passes. There are two launch areas, one on Morris Creek with a ramp, good parking and a dock, and another, very informal one, on the Chickahominy, which is the one I used for this trip. There are only a few places to park, and the road deteriorates badly as you near the launch, so use caution. From the small beach I turned north (left) and allowed the incoming tide to take me upstream. I followed the shoreline, paddling under bald cypress until I reached several docks just outside of the WMA. From here I knew that if I cut across the river to the opposite shore, I would be at the mouth of Yarmouth Creek. When you cross, don't waste any time in the middle, as many power boats go all-out barreling down the river.

     I followed Yarmouth Creek for its entire length enjoying the vast marshes full of ripening wild rice, red-winged blackbirds, and swallows. Other birds I saw included green and great blue herons, great egrets, osprey, kingfishers, and many eagles. Like the Chickahominy, Yarmouth Creek and the others I paddled on this trip had many duck blinds, so you may want to check duck season dates before you go. No sense ticking off anyone who just happens to have a loaded gun. I followed Yarmouth Creek to where it meets Little Creek, and I followed this much smaller creek until I got to the Little Creek Dam, and turned around back to Yarmouth. From here I went west on Shipyard Creek to get back to the Chickahominy. Much of the Chickahominy and its tributaries are a maze of creeks and marshes, so I spent some time looking at maps ahead of time, plus I had the GPS on my phone for backup if needed. Shipyard Creek follows the north shore of Wright Island, which appears to be rarely visited, at least these days. I did, however, see two derelict fishing camps that may be worth trespassing on for some photos. From Shipyard Creek I crossed the Chickahominy again to get back to the WMA landing, making just over a 9 mile circle.

Eagle's Nest Landing
Chickahominy River
Chickahominy River
Chickahominy River
Yarmouth Creek
Yarmouth Creek
Yarmouth Creek
Duck Blind on Yarmouth Creek
Little Creek
Little Creek Dam
Wild Rice
Shipyard Creek, Abandoned Cabin
Shipyard Creek
Words Other People Should Live By

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  1. Les, I hope you're planning to do a book. You have a strong theme and extraordinary photographs.