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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nottoway River, Peter's Bridge - 10/5/14

     This was my forth trip on the Nottoway, and to date, was the farthest upriver I had gone. I put in at the state boat ramp at Peter's Bridge, where plenty of parking is the only amenity. Judging by the lack of trash I usually encounter at boat ramps, I would say this is not a popular spot, or the people who do use it clean up after themselves. The steep ramp is concrete, with a small spot of gravel on either side of it where it meets the water. I immediately headed downriver towards the bridge so I could get some photos of fog lifting off the river, and then headed upriver. The current in the river was stronger than what I have encountered on the Nottoway in the past, and in several spots I really had to work to get through some minor rapids. Judging from the mud stains on the surrounding foliage, the river level had been much higher earlier.

      Though I saw no other humans on the river, I did see other species, including osprey, a large owl , river otters, kingfishers, a pileated woodpecker, several small hawks, two fawns drinking from the river, and so many turtles. Despite the abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, and peace and quiet, this is not my favorite stretch of the Nottoway. I really like the areas further downriver where it runs through cypress swamps, but any day, on any body of water, is a good day. I continued upriver until I reached the Old Forty Rd. bridge and turned around. The strong current I fought going upstream, was welcomed heading back to the landing. The trip as I paddled it was just over 8 miles.

The Boat Ramp at Peter's Bridge

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