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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Diascund Creek Reservoir - 11/3/12

     The Diascund Creek Reservoir was created by damming several adjacent creeks to provide a water source for the city of Newport News. The 1100 acre reservoir sits in New Kent and James City Counties, west of Williamsburg, and the water that flows over the dam eventually finds it way to the Chickahominy River.  Because the Diascund is a municipal water source, power boats are not allowed, so it is a kayak-friendly body of water.  My put-in point for this trip was the boat ramp at the Diascund Reservoir Park in James City County, just outside of the small town of Lanexa. There are several branches of the reservoir, and I headed west (right from the boat ramp) past the dam to get to the most westerly branch. I went this way to visit some places I knew as a child, but most of the branches are closer to the boat ramp. Once I paddled past the dam, the surrounding shoreline took on a wilder, more wooded look. The water is clean and the reservoir is full of fish, and it attracts a lot of birds and other wildlife, as well as a lot of fishermen. There are also some spectacular trees to see, especially bald cypress, and in early November they were showing their fall colors.  As I paddled it, my trip was about 7.5 miles. If you want to read a more personal account of this trip, you can visit my other blog.

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  1. How many hours did we spend on the Diascund as kids? That was every Saturday morning for years and years.