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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hunting Creek - 7/26/12

     For sentimental reasons, I have wanted to paddle Hunting Creek since the moment I got my kayak.  This tidal creek is on the bayside of Virginia's Eastern Shore.  When I was growing up my grandfather and his father kept their Chesapeake deadrise at Hopkins, a small harbor town on Hunting Creek. Today the harbor, once choked with boats, is empty, save for an old crab shack over the water where lucrative soft shell crabs are processed. My trip began in Hopkins and became sort of an odd figure 8 as I crisscrossed back and forth between the east and west banks. I parked at the end of Hopkins Rd. near the now closed public pier. Parking is very limited with only enough room for 3 or 4 cars, but times being what they are there is usually plenty of room. On the right side of the parking area is a small sandy beach which makes a good launch site.

     For my trip I immediately crossed the creek so I could get to the wilder, more wooded shore.  The tide was high for my trip and I was able to paddle right next to the marsh.  I headed towards the mouth of the creek and the direction of the Chesapeake Bay.  The further I went the fewer trees there were, and eventually it was just marsh.  I spent several still moments just listening to the sounds of wind, rustling grass, lapping water and birds. At this point I crossed back over to head up the creek exploring the shoreline as I went. Egrets, herons and gulls kept me company as I went.  The trees returned, as did evidence that some people still make their living from the water. Further up the creek the shoreline is a mix of forest, marsh and farm.  To my eyes Hunting Creek actually looks cleaner than I remember, perhaps there can be some benefits to a world of changing fortunes.

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  1. Great Pictures! Was hoping to find a picture of my childhood home before Hurricane Sandy took it. It was the last house on the right before the "Big Dock" as we used to call it, growing up. Was always a dream of mine to some day come back to ESVA and buy that house. If you have any additional pictures to share I would love to see the

    1. I know which house you speak of, and I looked through my photos, but am sorry I do not have a picture of it.